Ben Spies


A schoolboy. A magic pencil. One chance to save the world.
When Bob finds an innocent-looking pencil on his way to school, little does he realize his life will never be the same again. Anything it draws magically comes to life. Unknown to Bob, a dangerous gang of villains are not far behind. Desperately searching for the Magic Pencil, the Fakeys want to use the power of the pencil to take over the world and they will let nothing stand in their way. In a race against time, can Bob and his friends stay one step ahead of the Fakeys to save the world?
The Magic Pencil is an extraordinary adventure full of action and imaginative scenarios.

If you like Roald Dahl and David Walliams’ books, then you’ll love this novel by Kiwi junior author Ben Spies.
The Magic Pencil is written by 10-year-old author Ben Spies. The true point of difference in Ben’s books is that they are written by a child, for children. Through a child’s eyes and with a child’s voice.
Order your copy of The Magic Pencil today and embark on Ben’s latest adventure.