The 22 Yard War

Neil Holden


India, 2031, an over-populated superpower, is influence by crooked government ministers. After the world righted
itself post COVID-19, a period of peace and prosperity ensured, but when India’s political landscape becomes
unstable, the dishonest pounce upon power. Super wealth is desired and military invasion of New Zealand is
prepared for, to secure a country-wide far-off farm.
Resistance offers an alternative – a cricket tournament where India takes all if successful. The stage is set for
everyday people to endeavour the extraordinary. Competing and contrasting figures become embroiled in a
multitude of agendas.
And in the middle is cricket, the beautiful game, equally ensnared in the corruption.
An international thriller that twists, turns and builds momentum towards a defining moment. The final
showdown where ordinary people, everyday cricketers, find themselves playing for their country, in a setting
never before imagined, with the highest of stakes.

Book Endorsements
I found the 22 yards war a mix of thriller, spoof and intrigue. Once you get to understand the characters in the early chapters, you will not want to put the book down. – Bruce Edgar, ex-NZ International cricketer