Angelique Praat


Killing for his country is his job. Killing for his psychopathic boss – that’s murder.

Philip Templeton in on the run in New Zealand after releasing a military robotics project to the public. He’s left behind his career, his identity and his girlfriend, Mishra McKenzie. Mishra travels to NZ to search for Philip – but she isn’t sure he wants to be found. Flight Lieutenant Brett Nielsen is sent to silence Philip using the military’s newest technology – a robotic swarm. Brett’s unconvinced about the need for such drastic action. Killing for his country is his job; killing for his psychopathic boss – that’s murder.

The man seeking sanctuary, the woman who wants to save him, and the agent sent to silence him. Follow Philip, Mishra and Brett in this provocative sequel to The Empathy Code.

Praise for The Empathy Code

‘Highly recommended.’ Mandy Hager, Author

‘An elegantly written exploration of the moral questions posed by new technologies, with an intriguingly diverse cast of characters.’ Reviewer, GoodReads

‘Couldn’t put it down.’ Nicky Boughtwood, Reader