Familiars and Foes

Helen Vivienne Fletcher


An old crush. A long-lost family member. A magical Labrador and a whole load of ghosts… At least Adeline can’t say life is boring! Adeline yearns for family, but for years, the closest she’s gotten is her assistance dog, Coco. When a frightening encounter with a ghost brings an old friend back into her life, it seems like Adeline’s about to find the companionship she’s been missing. But her crush might have to wait. As the ghost’s smoky presence increases around Wellington, Adeline feels its hold on those around her tightening dangerously. Will Adeline figure out the source of the ghostly smoke, or will her chance at happiness go up in flames? NZ$1 from the sale of each copy of Familiars and Foes will go to Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust to support their valuable work.

Book Endorsements
“‘Familiars and Foes’ follows Adeline (love the name!) and her discovery of her family history and how that is now impacting her present. It is such a great read. As well as this, I love the inclusion of Coco, Adeline’s assistance dog, familiar and companion. As someone who has a service dog (specifically a mobility dog), I felt overjoyed to read of this representation. Not only that but reading about different capabilities, disabilities, etc. in such a positive light. It felt empowering to read this.” – Claudia, Goodreads reviewer