Lisette Prendé


A teenage girl with supernatural powers must trust a handsome telepathic stranger if she is to save her small
town from evil and discover her true identity.
Sixteen-year-old Bianca Taylor just wants to be a normal teenager but normal has never come naturally to her.
Not only is she known as the Albino of Pentacle High, but Bianca is also an auric-empath — able to see and feel the
colorful auras of those around her.
To make matters worse Bianca has started sleepwalking — waking to find herself naked in the forest, with
visions of demonic beasts fresh in her mind. At first, she sees her nighttime wanderings as harmless. But when a
local rancher goes missing after a run of gruesome cattle killings, Bianca starts to fear for her safety.
A handsome stranger appears in town, telepathically warning Bianca that she is in danger. But does he also hold
the answers to who, and what, she really is?

Book Endorsements
“Quirky fantasy riddled with 90’s nostalgia, Bianca de Lumiere follows the path of a teenage girl as she battles the dichotomy of teenage angst and lust versus her magical destiny. To the 90’s kids who love a good fantasy, READ IT… if you have kids, read it to them! Highly recommend for anyone 13+ who enjoys the thrills of an imaginary world full of turmoil and wonder!”
– Amazon Review