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The Telegram

by Philippa Werry

 As a telegram girl in World War One, it is fourteen-year old Beatrice Thomas's job to cycle around town delivering telegrams to people's front doors. Rumours of peace start to spread, but Beaty's work continues all through the Armistice, the peace celebrations and the dreadful influenza epidemic. At the same time, she's writing to her friend and neighbour Caleb, somewhere on the Western Front - until his letters stop arriving.

Troy's Possibilities

by Rodney Strong

Troy is jaded and drifting, all the possibilities of his life having taken their toll. Then he meets Cat, and keeps meeting her. At first he dismisses it as coincidence, then through a series of events he comes to believe that she might be just what he needs to find balance and make sense of everything.

But in his strange world of possibilities nothing is straightforward.