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The Waiting: The Secrets of Wilderfort Castle 2

Product Details
Author: Jessica Jayne Webb
Age Range: Teen & Young Adult
ISBN: 9781067014018
Release date: 22 June 2024

Thrust into a world previously unknown to her, Agatha fumbled her way through bouts of depression as the desperation of her situation hits home, the denial of her new life, and the brutality of war that ensues, and magic that she never knew was in her. Can she pull herself back into reality, to help those who love her the most?

The crew living in the castle, help with fortification and safety, but what will happen if more join? Will the balance of calm and support hold, or will it teeter on the edge.

Lord Caspian has his tricks with control, deceit, and manipulation, not to mention the growing unease of a town that supported and cared for Agatha’s aunt. As Agatha grows in strength the young woman that first walked through the oak doors, clueless to the unravelling events to face how life is teetering on a thin line stretched over a cavern filled to the brim with Daemons raged and bloodthirsty. Will it be Caspian that breaks the line or will the stress of the new life become all to much for our beloved Agatha.

And don’t forget our beloved Fey and their new home, revelling in their newfound freedom, no more the kamikaze Fey that were only destined to be caged and used as subjects of war.

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