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The Second Chance of Joshua Messer

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Author: Rodney Strong
Age Range: Adult
ISBN: 9780473538538

Joshua Messer has spent forty years chasing a 'what if'.

What if he’d acted differently on that day?
What if he’d said or done something to change the outcome?
When he hesitantly agrees to a surprise request, and subsequently meets the outrageous young Ana, Joshua doesn’t appreciate that his life is about to go from quiet to crazy. Thrust into the unfamiliar world of filmmaking he is forced to examine his life in a new light.

As filming progresses Joshua begins to suspect he might have a chance to help someone in a way he couldn’t all those years ago. But the situation brings fresh 'what if's. What if he screws it up again? What if history is doomed to repeat itself?

And what if he doesn’t have the courage left to try?

Book Endorsements
“Such a heartfelt story. Read this book in 48 hours and it’s one i now really really want to see on film.”

“While this book appears dark, at times sad and depressing, it does have its lighter moments. It’s a compelling
yet enjoyable read.”

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