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The Little Survivor

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Author: Vanitha Loganathan
Age Range: 2 - 8 years
ISBN: 9780473695156
Release date: 17 March 2024

Finding herself abandoned, Lassie the puppy feels lost, confused and lonely. With her tummy rumbling and paws trembling, she clings to hope when the world tells her to give up. Yearning for a loving home, she embarks on a journey into the unknown. But will she ever be able to trust again?

"Every living being deserves a full tummy, love, and safety. Sadly, across the world, this is not the reality for so so many, Animals cannot choose the circumstances into which they are born. Their lives and happiness are completely out of their control, simply because they live amongst us.

It is incredible humans like Vanitha, committed to teaching awareness and compassion whilst leading by example, who will eventually cut through our society's culture of normalising neglect. Just because we see it every day, or just because it's conceived as normal, indifference towards animals is not acceptable. It fosters cruelty and creates so much pain.

I look forward to following Vanitha on her journey. Her passion and empathy towards animals, especially man's best friend, is infectious, and my hope is that through her love for Lassie and her talent for storytelling, Vanitha will be able to connect with children and their families across the world. We each need to look inwards and realise that together we can effect change' together we can save lives.

Any animal given the chance is a remarkable creature, if only that chance were given."

- Carolyn Press-McKenzie, CEO/Founder of Helping You Help Animals (HUHA)

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