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The Crystal Continent: Royal Orchid 3

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Author: Denika Mead
Age Range: 8-12 years
ISBN: 9780473651046
Release date: October 2022

The exciting conclusion to the Royal Orchid series

A flight of dragons rises...
Kingdoms burn...
A dragon is destined to change the world...

After defeating the Ghost Warriors, Ivy is now Queen of the Crystal People. But peace doesn’t last for long when a dragon hatches in the Kingdom. Flicker’s birth brings vengeful dragons out of a deep slumber, determined to hunt the hatchling down and destroy her and anyone that stands in their way. Ivy and her friends flee Vanda Orchid to the Land of Kingdoms in search of an army of pixies and humans strong enough to battle their new enemies.

Can Ivy raise an army before the dragons attack? Or will everything she loves be destroyed?

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