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Lada Between Two Worlds

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Author: Julia Panfylova
Age Range: 8-12 years
ISBN: 9781991188106
Release date: 16 December 2022

What lives in the cellar?
What secrets do the spiders hide?
And why is Lada the only one who can hear the owl screaming?

Lada has a lot of questions.
She also wishes for a lot of things. She wishes she had a friend. She wishes her papa didn’t have to go and fight in the war. She wishes she knew why her mama left. She wishes for adventures. But when on New Year’s Eve Lada receives a mysterious gift, it turns her life upside down (literally).
Lada is pulled into a world of magic and danger, where she must fight to survive, protect the ones she loves most, and discover who she really is.
Lada is about to learn just how powerful wishes really are.

A beautifully illustrated story for readers aged 8+ who are curious about the world and aren't afraid to ask questions, even those awkward ones.

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