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Echo of a Thousand Voices, The: Forgotten Ones 3

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Author: Jillian Webster
Age Range: Adult
ISBN: 9781735025698

After a treacherous journey across the globe, Maia and Lucas have finally arrived at the mighty gates of Leucothea. But after waking up in the city’s guarded and locked Migrant Facility, Maia quickly discovers things are not as they seem.

Why can’t she recall anything after floating in on their umiak? And what is this eerie feeling … like she’s being watched?

There is something sinister lingering beneath this city’s surface, but Maia’s questions go unanswered, leaving her doubting everything she believes so strongly to be true.

When a chance encounter reveals the dark truth behind the city of lights, Maia comes face to face with the mysterious force that has called her to The Old Arctic Circle her entire life. Horrified, she finds it was never what she thought it was … but who.

The third book in The Forgotten Ones trilogy, The Echo of a Thousand Voices is the epic grand finale of Maia’s harrowing and unforgettable saga.

Dystopian climate fiction with paranormal romance

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