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Brightest Star: The Assumptors - Voyage of the Domina Penelope 1

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Author: Andy Southall
Age Range: Adult
ISBN: 9780473639792

Stars don’t twinkle. They burn like a billion bombs.

The spaceship Domina Penelope crosses interstellar space in search of a new Earth. As it approaches the star system Norse the mission leader, Father Chadwick, struggles to control his crew. Worse, after decades of constant light-sail acceleration, the ship may never be able to stop.

One hundred brothers and sisters had sailed from a dying Earth in hope. Yet despite voting to leave, none of them could have foreseen what lay on their path, until it was too late to turn back.

Brightest Star is the first book in a space opera trilogy in which a powerful yet enigmatic missionary group, the Assumptors, exit Earth for the stars.

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