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Beautiful Fragments

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Author: Vanessa Evetts
Age Range: Adult
ISBN: 9780473452773

What benefit is hope, when you’re trapped inside a nightmare that has no end?

Abandoned by those who claimed to love her and manipulated into the sex industry as a teen mum, Sophie finds herself in the middle of a drug and human trafficking ring with no hope of escape. The only way out is to become the author of her own death and leave her daughter an orphan until a life-changing offer from a stranger gives her a taste of the freedom she so desires.

Hidden away in a quaint beach town, Sophie and Lacie build a new life, clinging to the promises scribed in a handful of mysterious letters, until the strong grip of her past and the men who controlled it, turn up and rip her newfound peace to shreds.

Alone, tortured and separated from her young daughter, Sophie has to decide whether to cling to impossible hope or give in to the desperate need to end her suffering. What would you choose?

BEAUTIFUL FRAGMENTS is full of suspense, heartbreak and breathtaking transformation as Sophie discovers her worth and fights for her freedom against all odds. Set in New Zealand, this novel is a story about the power of grace, love and kindness and a celebration of the unbreakable strength of the human spirit.

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