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A Pocketful of Blackmail/Antiques and Assault

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Author: Rodney Strong
Age Range: Adult
ISBN: 9781991155641
Release date: 2022

Antiques and Assault

The fourth book in the Silvermoon Retirement Village cozy mystery series sees Alice reliving old memories as she thinks she recognises a newcomer to the village. But she is soon brought back to the present, when the newcomer is attacked in her apartment and Alice's friends are worrying about whether it's a safe place to live.
Alice is determined to solve the mystery and prove to her friends that while she's around, they have nothing to worry about. But with a killer on the loose she might not always be around.

A Pocketful of Blackmail

It's the 1950s and a young Alice has come to England to seek her fortune, by legal means or otherwise. Wrangling an invitation the Blackstock Manor for the weekend, she is soon distracted by midnight callers...and murderers.

A prequel to the Silvermoon Retirement Village series, this cozy mystery follows Alice at the start of her career, giving insight into how she became the cunning con artist so many have come to love.

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